International Textile Flooring Academy

ITF Academy is the new international establishment for the study of all aspects of the carpet and rug manufacturing, marketing, installation, aftercare and recycling industries, through the provision of advanced education, training and consultancy services.

The Academy has been set up by a group of long-standing textile flooring industry professionals with a wealth of practical knowledge and experience between them and who are dedicated to sharing their expertise.

The Academy works in partnership with other educational and training establishments and has a number of Affiliate and Corporate members which are active in various areas of the textile flooring industry worldwide.


The Academy has a wide range of training courses, covering:

  • Fibre science and technology
  • Yarn engineering
  • Carpet and rug manufacture
  • Colouration and chemical finishes
  • Testing, performance specification
  • Inspection and claim resolution
  • Retail sales techniques
  • Cleaning and maintenance
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The large and ever-expanding Academy Library is a unique and in-depth resource for:

  • Textbooks and manuals
  • Scientific publications
  • Technical reports
  • Standards and test methods
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The College of Consultants is made up of internationally-renowned experts in all aspects of carpet and rug manufacture, testing, specification, design, care and maintenance, and recycling. They offer their services on a one-to-one and strictly confidential basis to any company or organisation who need their specific advice or practical expertise to improve their management, processing or products.

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