An introduction to the manufacture of Handmade Rugs – an online course

For my 50 year career I have been involved in machine made carpets, but when we set up the International Textile Flooring Academy we thought it essential to have a great course on handmade rugs, as it is such an important aspect within the textile floor covering industry.

This introduction to handmade rugs is very detailed and very interesting, covering. all the aspects of this historic and vital industry. From fibre selection to the knotting process, a great reference section of the classic designs of the regions and countries involved in manufacture and information on cleaning, testing and performance. A encapsulation of the whole process.

The author of this course is a well-known wool industry figure from India and a good friend of Paul Bakker and me. Dr S K Chaudhuri is a former director and global head of Interior Textiles for the Woolmark Company and was also visiting lecturer to the Department of Textile Technology for the Indian Institute of Technology from 2011 to 2018.

The online course has built in quizzes which are in a multi-choice format, industry videos, and a free course reference manual. A Certificate of Merit will be awarded upon the successful completion of the course.

The course contains around 24 hours of learning and is sure to expand the user’s knowledge of this great historic industry.

Various discounts are available for students who wish to do this course. Please contact Malcolm Sims at the Academy to discuss this:

The Manufacture of Handmade Rugs online course can be accessed here: