Carpet Inspectors training course

This on-line course for carpet inspectors has been developed from the popular two-day face-to-face training course which more than 200 delegates have attended. It is also highly recommended for all those responsible for the manufacturing, selling, installation, maintenance and inspection of carpets.

The course provides detailed information regarding the investigation of carpet complaints on behalf of the supplier, the fitter, the cleaner or the owner. More than 40 types of complaint are described and a basic understanding of suitable test methods, some of which can be carried out directly by the carpet inspector, are also discussed.

A section on competent report writing, with example reports, is included as are checklists of appropriate source materials, including British and International Standards, to which the inspector may have to refer.
The course is arranged in three parts.
Part One is concerned with the nature of faults, how they may be identified, how they may arise and whether they are legitimate reasons for complaint.
Part Two describes a range of test procedures, some of which may be carried out by the enthusiastic inspector, others which may require specialist equipment. The more knowledge an inspector has regarding the type of tests available, the more meaningful will be the report.
Part Three discusses how to conduct an in-situ investigation and prepare a satisfactory report.
Each course module is followed by a self-evaluation in the form of questions, some multiple-choice, some requiring a written answer.
Recommended for anyone who wants to become a carpet inspector. Experience in the carpet trade, whether in manufacturing, retailing, installing or cleaning, would be an advantage.