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By: Malcolm Sims
October 6, 2021

Last week I accompanied David Luckham on a visit to Burton Constable Hall, East Yorkshire. David is very well known in the area of historic woven carpets and is a ‘professional enthusiast’ in this area. Burton Constable is an Elizabethan mansion based around an earlier manor house and a 12th century fortified tower. There are […]

By: Malcolm Sims
October 14, 2020

An Essential Short Course on Carpet Installation I have been in the carpet industry for over 50 years now. Over this period, product development and the technical aspects of carpets, I guess, have become my specialities. During this time, I have needed to understand some aspects of carpet fitting/installation. As Technical Manager in the carpet […]

By: Malcolm Sims
October 2, 2020

Following the continued online success of the training course The Manufacture of Wool Carpets, the International Textile Flooring Academy ( has had numerous requests for an ‘all fibre’ online course for the carpet and rug industry. Fibre to Floor, authored by Peter J Goodman, is now available online. This course provides in-depth knowledge of natural […]

By: Malcolm Sims
September 30, 2020

Over the course of my 50 years in the carpet industry I have often been involved in the inspection of carpet. Whether that has been dealing with complaints within a carpet mill or on-site inspections of over 100 consumer and contract installations. Such inspections are a challenge of one’s carpet knowledge in the broadest of […]

By: Paul Bakker
December 5, 2018

Man-made, or synthetic, fibres have been with us for some eighty years now. They are all around us and very much part of our daily life. They are being used increasingly in textile floor coverings, replacing natural fibres whose position in the flooring industry seemed unassailable not so very long ago. But how familiar are […]

By: Paul Bakker
November 20, 2018

This on-line course for carpet inspectors has been developed from the popular two-day face-to-face training course which more than 200 delegates have attended. It is also highly recommended for all those responsible for the manufacturing, selling, installation, maintenance and inspection of carpets. The course provides detailed information regarding the investigation of carpet complaints on behalf […]