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By: Malcolm Sims
May 9, 2023

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Paul Bakker CText FTI, Director and Co-Founder of the ITF Academy.(Right of picture) Paul was a leader in the textile industry, he had an enormous depth of knowledge, in particular, within the Wool carpet industry. As well as being Director of the ITFA he was […]

By: Malcolm Sims
August 10, 2021

ITFA is pleased to announce that another 4 courses have been Approved with Credits by the Textile Institute. ITFA courses are growing in popularity and are proving to be a great educational resource for those interested in learning more about specific areas within the flooring industry. The Textile Institute has global reach and is a […]

By: Malcolm Sims
July 13, 2021

A very interesting article has been written on the value of wool production and the science, by Emma K Doyle, James W V Preston, Bruce A McGregor, Phil I Hynd This paper covers many interesting areas relating to wool and its place as a valuable to the textile industry. There is good information about the […]

By: Malcolm Sims
October 27, 2020

The Academy’s Corporate Members: ITFA would like to thank those companies who have supported the work that we do in providing information and a training resource for the textile floor covering industry. Our corporate members are:  British Wool Godfrey Hirst Korat Institute of Technology and Enterprise Lawton Yarns NFIC USA The Textile Institute Wools of […]

By: Malcolm Sims
October 22, 2020

For my 50 year career I have been involved in machine made carpets, but when we set up the International Textile Flooring Academy we thought it essential to have a great course on handmade rugs, as it is such an important aspect within the textile floor covering industry. This introduction to handmade rugs is very […]

By: Malcolm Sims
October 16, 2020

It was back in the 1970’s when I was first involved in dyeing. I was a Supervisor on a Space Dye production line. Back then, space dyed yarns were even used broadloom, a trend that did not last long. I then became involved in carpet printing and continuous dyeing; both techniques were very big in […]

By: Malcolm Sims
October 4, 2020

The International Textile Flooring Academy continues to expand its carpet and rug online resource with practical industry information and training courses. The Academy is very pleased to have added a great paper –
Wool Product Training for Retailers – Features, Advantages and Benefits of Wool Carpets. This paper is written by Hallie Cobb, formerly of the […]

By: Malcolm Sims
October 2, 2020

Following the continued online success of the training course The Manufacture of Wool Carpets, the International Textile Flooring Academy ( has had numerous requests for an ‘all fibre’ online course for the carpet and rug industry. Fibre to Floor, authored by Peter J Goodman, is now available online. This course provides in-depth knowledge of natural […]

By: Malcolm Sims
September 25, 2020

When Paul Bakker and I set up the International Textile Flooring Academy our wish was to provide a platform for passing on real industry experience and knowledge. We assembled over 3000 pages of technical and marketing information, all of which resides in ITFA’s excellent online Library. But our intention was to also feature original publications, […]

By: Paul Bakker
September 4, 2019

Better Access, More Courses, Improved Technical Resources Over the past few months INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE FLOORING ACADEMY have been implementing major changes to the Academy’s website and its on-line experience. It is close to one year since the formal launch of the Academy at the 2018 International Flooring Show and much that is positive has happened […]