Fibre to Floor – “a great new training course”.

Peter Goodman, who is well known in the UK carpet industry, has created a great new training course for anyone wanting to learn about the process of 'Fibre to Floor'.
This course covers all fibres used in carpets and rugs and much more. I have to say that in completing the course myself, I found I learnt so many things that I had little knowledge of previously and I am sure this will be the case for anyone that completes this very informative course.
The training course provides the opportunity to learn and gain an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of both wool and synthetic carpets. It covers raw materials, manufacturing processes, testing and performance, current legislation and labelling, installation and maintenance and customer service issues. This course is made up of 10 modules each with its own set of multi-choice questions. A certificate of achievement will be presented after successfully completing the course. The full course manual is available free to download (normally £180.00) upon successful completion of the course. This is a great reference document for anyone in the carpet industry.
For: those involved in manufacturing of yarns, carpets and rugs such as supervisors, quality control and sales desk personnel, field sales staff, those involved in installation and maintenance, retail and contract sales personnel, and those associated with the specification of textile floor coverings.