Fibre to Floor – online Training Course

Following the continued online success of the training course The Manufacture of Wool Carpets, the International Textile Flooring Academy ( has had numerous requests for an 'all fibre' online course for the carpet and rug industry.

Fibre to Floor, authored by Peter J Goodman, is now available online. This course provides in-depth knowledge of natural and synthetic fibres by looking at their manufacturing processes – from creating the fibre to manufacturing yarns and finally to making carpets and rugs.

This is an excellent information-packed course that also considers testing and performance, current legislation and labelling, installation and maintenance procedures and customer service issues. It includes an extensive dictionary of common terms and definitions used within the industry today.

This another ITFA course that is created by an industry professional and that offers a unique overview of all the different types of fibre used in the carpet and rug manufacturing industry.

Peter Goodman was instrumental in the development of many of the test methods used today for the evaluation of carpets and rugs, and played a key role, nationally and internationally, in their publication.

His extensive experience spans the manufacturing industry and as an advisor to corporate architectural practices and major end-users within the office, leisure, retail, house building, health care, public sector, historic building and transportation markets.
This course is a must for those involved in the floor covering manufacturing industry, such as supervisors, quality control and sales desk personnel, field sales staff, those involved in installation and maintenance, retail and contract sales personnel, and those associated with the specification of textile floor coverings.

The Fibre to Floor course can be found here: