How to be a Carpet Designer

ITF Academy Library now has a fascinating and highly-informative paper on how to become a successful carpet stylist. To be a Carpet Designer is written by Tracey Bentham, a designer with over 30 years’ service in the carpet industry.
She says: “If you are interested in design as a career, leaving carpets out of the equation for now, let us focus on why you want to spend your life in the creative atmosphere of a design studio.
Are you interested in surface pattern design? Do textiles, texture and materials hold a fascination for you? Are you curious about the manufacturing process of products? Do you want to know more about the technical challenges of product design?
If all of the above appeals to you then carpet design could be the job for you. But,having artistic talent is just the beginning. A willingness to be immersed in the development of yarns with suppliers, working with clients, understanding the manufacturing processes and ultimately creating a perfect finished carpet is so much more than being creative.
If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to become a carpet designer, then learning on the job is invaluable. However, learning by reading as much as you can about the profession is a useful addition to ‘on the job’ training.
Even if you are not about to choose a career in design, knowing more about carpet design could be relevant to your job, be it in sales, marketing or manufacturing. This paper will give you an insight into the nuances of carpet design. Knowing how to smooth the path through the design process will result in a good design which is on brief and on budget.
The carpet world welcomes talented, creative people with a passion for product development and manufacturing. Come and join this centuries’ old profession. Create a product which will stand the test of time.

Be involved in shaping interiors all over the world. Be one of the big names of the future.”
This paper can be located within the Design section of the the Library Technical Publication area.