ITFA the ‘go to’ online resource for the carpet and rug industry.

We are continuing to add interesting and very useful reports and features to the ITFA site, which is aimed at providing support to the flooring industry.

We now have over 3000 pages of technical information available on an array of industry relevant topics within the Academy Library, such as:

* Carpet Inspection
* Carpet and Rug Manufacture
* Carpet Care and Maintenance
* Carpet Properties and Performance
* Colouration
* Design
* Environment and Health
* Management
* Marketing
* Recycling
* Standards
* Wool and Manmade Fibres
* Yarn Manufacture

In addition, the Academy’s online training courses are a great tool to build on self-development. Alternatively, create a great platform for a structured learning program for staff development with courses on the following subjects:

* An Essential Guide to Carpet Installation
* Carpet Inspection - Complaints Investigation
* Fibre to Floor - Synthetics and Wool
* Dyeing in the Carpet Industry
* The Manufacture of Wool Carpets
* The Manufacture of Handmade Rugs
* Wool Fibre Care - Carpet Cleaning

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