New online training course – Practical Carpet Dyeing, Printing and Finishing

New online training course - Practical Carpet Dyeing, Printing and Finishing

A great new training course has been added to the Courses section of the Academy website: Practical Carpet Dyeing, Printing and Finishing.

This course has been created by Ian Smith CTexT FTI. Ian studied textile chemistry, textile engineering, colour management and dyehouse management. He is experienced in running commercial dyehouses and is an internationally renowned consultant on textile dyeing.

This course covers the dyeing of all fibres in various forms, including loose stock, hank/skein, printing, space dyeing and carpet piece dyeing.

The course also covers the various classes of dyestuff, dye chemistry and dyeing equipment, as well as colour approval procedures and the various testing procedures associated with this vital process within a mill.

This course contains some great information on the dyeing of textile fibres and yarn as well as carpets, with approximately 16 hours of online study that allows the user to work at their own pace.

It is a vital source of information for anyone working in the carpet and yarn industry, it provides a great overview for dyers and also provides the opportunity for non-dyers to understand the dyeing process.

ITFA is having a very positive reaction to its online training courses which are unique for the carpet and yarn sectors. We are excited to include this latest course on practical dyeing procedures.

Upon successful completion of the course the student will receive an ITFA Certificate of Achievement and the course manual (valued at £50.00)

Further details of this course can be found here: