Carpet Inspection – Complaints Investigation

This on-line training course provides detailed information regarding the techniques and practicalities of the investigation of carpet complaints.

More than 40 types of complaint are described and a basic understanding of suitable test methods, some of which can be carried out directly by the carpet inspector, are also discussed. A section on competent report writing, with example reports is included as are checklists of appropriate source materials, including British and International Standards, to which the inspector might wish to refer.

Success in the course provides an opportunity for the trainee to complete the additional distant-learning requirements to allow them to be listed as a WoolSafe Registered Inspector.

What will you learn?


Colour Changes

Soiling Complaints

Stripes and Streaks

Premature Wear


Structural Defects

Dimensional Changes

Miscellaneous Problems

Fibre Identification

Useful Chemical Tests

Supplementary Tests

The On-Site Visit

Writing a Report

Over 40 different types of complaints

Course author

Course author

Dr Eric Michael Brown has an honours degree in Textile Chemistry, a Masters degree in Textile Technology, and a Doctorate in Textile Technology, all from the University of Leeds.

Experienced in all aspects of textile performance from raw material to finished product and an International Consultant in carpet performance, cleaning and installation.

Who is the course for?

Who is the course for?

This course is for those who want to become a carpet inspector, those involved in the insurance industry, or manufacture or sell carpets.

What's included?


A multiple choice quiz checks your understanding at the end of each module

Course manual

The course fee includes Carpet Inspection – Complaints Investigation Course Manual (worth £49.00).


Upon successful completion of this course a certificate of merit is awarded.

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