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An Introduction to Handmade Rugs

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Author: Dr S K Chaudhuri

This Introductory course is excellent for those new to handmade rugs or for those wishing to understand more details about the whole process involved. Suitable for those already in manufacturing, specifying, and retailing rugs.
The course covers all fibres involved, manufacturing areas, including techniques and typical designs and styles by region.

This online course consists of 4 modules:
Module 1. History of Handmade Rug Manufacturing, Fibres used in Handmade and Yarn Engineering
Module 2. Carpet types, Carpet Yarn Testing and Quality Control
Module 3. Countries Manufacturing Rugs, Design and Rug Testing
Module 4. Classification of Carpets, Performance, Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance.

There is a ‘multi choice’ Quiz at the end of each module and upon successful completion of the course an ITFA Certicate of Achievement is awarded.