Top Tips for Selling Wool Carpets – a paper for retailers

The International Textile Flooring Academy continues to expand its carpet and rug online resource with practical industry information and training courses.

The Academy is very pleased to have added a great paper –
Wool Product Training for Retailers – Features, Advantages and Benefits of Wool Carpets.

This paper is written by Hallie Cobb, formerly of the US Wool Bureau (the WoolMark Company), Wools of New Zealand and the Atlanta Wool Connection. Hallie has many years’ experience of in-store training of retailers selling wool carpets and rugs.

Having worked with wool most of my life, I appreciate that having an industry professional specialising in the area of sales training is so important for the wool industry. 

This paper expands on the benefits of wool and gives some great tips for selling a quality wool product.

There is no doubt that wool has a great story to tell, and with consumers who are interested in understanding more about product purchases today, this paper adds an invaluable resource for retailers and salespeople.

Whilst written with retail in mind, it is a paper with undoubted value for anyone working in the wool carpet and rug industry. 

The paper is available within the marketing section of the ITFA Library: