The science behind the wool industry. The importance and value of wool production from sheep

A very interesting article has been written on the value of wool production and the science, by Emma K Doyle, James W V Preston, Bruce A McGregor, Phil I Hynd

This paper covers many interesting areas relating to wool and its place as a valuable to the textile industry.

There is good information about the split of textile fibres - world supply, and an excellent breakdown of wool fibre characteristics.

The authors discuss the following implications:

This paper outlines the wool industry and highlights wool as a textile fibre. The wool industry has optimized the production of a niche product that has eco-positioned itself due to its inherent natural properties of being a natural, biodegradable product that offers consumer comfort and health benefits.

Research into the breeding and management of sheep on-farm, has developed a raw product that is easier to process or has superior woolen attributes.

Skin follicle formation and subsidiary glands affect wool production and quality. By understanding how wool follicle cells initiate and develop, producers are able to improve fibre quality.

This paper is featured in the ITFA Library, Technical Publications area and in the Wool section, this paper is free to view and download to members.