Why you should do an ITFA training course.

Why you should do an ITFA training course

If you are working in a carpet mill or interested in the carpet industry, the International Textile Flooring Academy has some great training courses for you. There is also a surprising variety of subjects, but all relating to, or enhancing the knowledge of, how to construct carpets or rugs, how to sell them effectively, install them, maintain them and recycle them after their useful life has come to an end.

All courses are divided into modules, with questions at the end of each module. To progress to the next module, you have to get 80% correct answers. This means, that you can complete the course in stages, at your own pace and when you have the time to do it. There is no rush, in fact most courses have a 3-month completion period allocated. Plenty of time to absorb and digest the information presented to you and giving you the best chance of answering the questions correctly first-time round.

If you ever get stuck, you can always contact the Tutor of the course and discuss the problem you have with them. They are there to help you.

On successful completion of the course, not only will you be given a certificate, but you can also download the course manual. You will find this is an invaluable reference document for future use. These manuals can be obtained separately from the Academy Store, but they come at a substantial price, reflecting the value of the technical information contained within. So, in effect getting the manual for free when you do the course almost halves your financial outlay! And you get some crucial knowledge which may well have a positive effect on your career.

As learned Romans used to say: “Progressus per habitum”, or “Advancement through training”.

Happy studying!