Yarn Splicing – Technology that continues to develop

I have seen at first hand how pneumatic yarn splicing has improve efficiencies in carpet production. Whether it be on a Weaving loom or a Tufting machine the change from traditional knots to splices has made a dramatic difference.

When I started working in a Tufting department in 1969, the first thing I was taught was the skill of making a 'weavers knot'. This knot is generally small and does not slip and will not break under the tensions of the production process, it has been used by generations of operators in the carpet industry.

However with Wool yarn in particular, the knots in yarns can often cause a stoppage at the eye of the tufting needle for example, this event occurring over the running of a large creel of yarn has great effect on efficiencies, (metres per hour) but can also result in a significant number of faults that need a technical repair.

Pneumatic splicing has enabled a great step forward in solving this issue for the industry. This technique and equipment is now used quite widely, but still not everywhere.

ITFA are pleased to add a technical paper called 'Pneumatic Carpet Yarn Splicing' by Mr Graham Waters.

Graham Waters ARCS BSc CText FTI has a degree in Physics from Imperial College London

He began his career in innovation, mainly in the textile industry, in 1963. He filed his first patent in 1968; his most recent patent dates from 2018.

He is currently the MD of Airbond, whose business is pneumatic yarn splicing, Airbond was the first company in its field to use 3D printing for its entire production.

This paper discusses the science of splicing yarns.

Graham is a world leader in air splicing, Airbond is a leading manufacturer and distributor of this equipment.

This paper can be found in the Technical Publications area of the ITFA Library, in the Carpet Manufacture section. This paper is free to Individual, Corporate and Associate members.

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